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Cantrefs and Commotes of Wales
Lyfr Coch Hergest
Col. 377-380

What follows is a list of the Cantrevs and Commotes of Wales, found among the Bruts of the Red Book of Hergest. A cantref is a measurement of a hundred (literally, it means "one hundred"). A commot is a community, the word ultimately deriving from the same root as Cymru--comrad, compatriot, neighbor. According to the Red Book, during the fourteenth century, there were sixteen cantrefs (cantrefoed).

What is interesting to me is that while Gwynned and Powys are still prominent, Dyfed no longer exists as a united district.

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Here begins the Cantrevs of Gwynedd and Its Commots
Cantref Teigyl:

  • Commot Insel
  • Commot Prestan
  • Commot Rhuddlan.

    Cantref Dyffryn Clwyt:

  • Commot Colyan
  • Commot Llannerch
  • Commot Ystrad

    Cantref Rywynyawc

  • Commot Rhuthyn
  • Commot Uch Alech
  • Commot Is Alech

    Cantref Rhos

  • Commot Uch Dulas
  • Commot Is Dulas
  • Commot Ykreudyn

    Cantrefoed Mon (Anglesey)

  • Commot Llan Uaes
  • Commot Cemeis

  • Commot Talebolyon
  • Commot Aberffraw

  • Commot Penn Rhos
  • Commot Rosvyrr

    Cantref Arllechwed

  • Commot Treffryw
  • Commot Aber

    Cantref Arfon

  • Commot Uch Conwy
  • Commot Is Conwy

    Cantref Dinodyn

  • Commot Rifnot
  • Commot Ardudwy

    Cantref Llyyn

  • Commot inmael Commot is
  • Clogyon Commot Cwmdinam.

    Cantref Meiryonyd

  • Commot Eftumaneyr
  • Commot Talybont

    Cantrefoed Eryri

  • Commot Cyueilawc
  • Commot Madeu

  • Commot Uch Meloch
  • Commot Is Meloch

  • Commot Llan Gonwy
  • Commot Dinmael
  • CommotGlyndyudwy

    Such are the Cantrefs of Gwynned--15--and the Commots are 36.

    Cantrefoed Powys Madawc:

  • Commot Iaal
  • Commot Ystrad Alun
  • Commot Yr Hop

  • Commot Berford
  • Commot Wnknan

  • Commot Trefwenn
  • Commot Croesosswallt
  • Commot y Creudyn

  • Commot Nant Odyn
  • Commot Ceuenbleid
  • Commot Uch Raeadyr

    Cantrefoed Powys Gwennwynwyn:

  • Commot Is Raeadyr
  • Commot Deu Dyswr
  • Commot Llannerchwdwl

  • Commot Ystrad Marchell
  • Commot Mecheyn
  • Commot Caer Einon

  • Commot Uch Affes
  • Commot Is Affes

  • Commot Uch Coet
  • Commot Is Coet

    Such are the Cantrevs of Powys--8--and the Commots are 21.

    Cantrefoed Maelenyd:

  • Commot Ceri
  • Commot Gwerthrynnyon

  • Commot Swyd Uudugre
  • Commot Swyd Yethon
  • Commot Llwythyfnwc

    Cantref Buellt:

  • Commot Penn Buellt
  • Commot Swydman
  • Commot Treflys
  • Commot Is Iruon.

    Cantref Eluael:

  • Commot Uch Mynyd
  • Commot Is Mynyd

    Cantref Selyf:

  • Commot Brwynllys
  • Commot Talgarth

    Cantref Tewdos:

  • Commot Dyffryn Hodni
  • Commot Llywel
  • Commot Tir Rawlf

    Cantref Ida:

  • Commot Ystrad Yw
  • Commot Cruc Howel
  • Commot Efyas

    Ystrat Tywi
    Cantref Bychan:

  • Commot Hirvryn
  • Commot Perued
  • Commot Iskennen

    Cantref Eginawc

  • Commot Kedweli
  • Commot Carnywyllawn
  • Commot Gwhyr

    Cantref Mawr

  • Commot Mallaen
  • Commot Caeaw
  • Commot Maenawr Deilaw
  • Commot Cetheinawc
  • Commot Mab Eluyw
  • Commot Mab Utryt
  • Commot Widigada

    Cantref Gwarthaf

  • Commot Geneurglyn
  • Commot perued
  • Commot Creudyn

    Cantref Mabwynyon

  • Commot Meuenyd
  • Commot Anhunyawc
  • Commot Pennard

    Cantref Caer Wedros

  • Commot Wenyionid
  • Commot Is Coed

    Cantref Emlyn

  • Commot Uch Cuch
  • Commot Is Cuch

    Cantref Cemeis

  • Commot Uch Neuer
  • Commot Is Neuer

    Cantref Wartha

  • Commot Eluyd
  • Commot Derllys
  • Commot Pennryn
  • Commot Estyrlwyf
  • Commot Talacharn
  • Commot Amgoet
  • Commot Peluneawc
  • Commot y Uelfre

    Cantref Deugledyf

  • Commot Llan y Hadein
  • Commot Castel Hu

    Cantref Pennbrwc

  • Commot Penncaer
  • Commot Menew

    Cantref Pebideawc

  • Commot Hawlfford
  • Commot Castell Gwalchmei

    Cantref Gorvynyd

  • Commot Rwng Net A Thawy
  • Commot Tir Yr Hwndryt
  • Commot Rwng Neth ac Avyn
  • Commot Tir Yr Iarll
  • Commot Y Coety
  • Commot Maenawr Glyn Ogwr

    Cantref Penn Ychen

  • Commot Meisgyn
  • Commot Glyn Rodne
  • Commot Maenawr Tal y Vann
  • Commot Maenawr Ruthyn

    Cantref Breinyawl

  • Commot Is Caech
  • Commot Uch Caech
  • Commot Kibwr

    Cantref Gwynllwc

  • Commot Yr Heid
  • Commot Ydref Berued
  • Commot Edelygyon
  • Commot Eithyaf
  • Commot Y Mynyd

    Cantref Gwent

  • Commot Is Coed
  • Commot Llemynyd
  • Commot Tref y Gruc
  • Commot Uch Coed

    Fychan, Hywel. The text of the Bruts from the Red book of Hergest. edited by John Rhys and J. Gwenogvryn Evans. Oxford: J.G. Evans, 1890.

    Mary Jones 2003, revised 2004.

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