The Celtic Literature Collective

Mountain Snow
Red Book of Hergest IV

Mountain snow—every region is white; 
The raven is accustomed to sing.
No good will come from long sleeping.

Mountain snow—white the ravine;
From the assault of the wind trees will bend.
Many a two may mutually love,
But never come together.

Mountain snow—the wind scatters it;
Broad the moon’s orb, green the dock-leaves.
The mischievous man is seldom without claim.

Mountain snow—fleet the hart;
Common in Prydein is a daring race.
Understanding is necessary for the alien.

Mountain snow—the hart in the warmth;
Ducks in the pond, white the foam.
Slow is the aged, and easily overtaken.

Mountain snow—the hart is roaming;
The countenance smiles on whom one loves.
As long as a tale is told me,
I know where there is disgrace.

Mountain snow--the strand is white and pebbly;
The fishes in the ford may go to the cavern.
Odious is he that imposes burdens.

Mountain snow-the hart in the retreat;
It is usual for a chieftain to have splendid arms,
And for misfortune to fall on the beard.

Mountain snow-the hart is plump and round; 
I have said a great deal; if I am not mistaken, 
This is unlike a summer day.

Mountain snow-the hart is hunted;
The wind whistles over the eaves.
Sin is a very great heap.

Mountain snow-the hart is leaping;
The wind whistles over the high white wall.
It is natural the calm should be graceful.

Mountain snow-the hart in the vale;
The wind whistles above the house-top.
Evil will not conceal itself where it is.

Mountain snow-the hart on the strand; 
The aged has lost his juvenility.
* * * makes a man captive.

Mountain snow-the hart in the bush;
Thoroughly black the raven; swift the young roebuck.
If one is free and healthy, it is strange there should be complaining.

Mountain snow-the hart in the rushes;
Cold the quagmire; the mead is in the brewing-tub.
The injured is accustomed to complain.

Mountain snow-variegated the front of the tower;
Let the cattle seek shelter.
Woe to the wife that should get a bad husband.

Mountain snow-variegated the side of the cliff;
Dried the stalk; the water-lily droops.
Woe to the man that should have a bad wife.

Mountain snow-the hart in the ditch;
Congenial to the thief is long night.
Let the bees sleep in the shelter.

Mountain snow-slow is
The growth of the liverwort.
The sluggard will not soon avenge an injury.

Mountain snow-the fish in the lake;
Proud the hawk; people cluster around monarchs.
Every one cannot get what he wishes.

Mountain snow-red the top of the fir;
Wrathful the push of many spears.
Alas, for longing, my brethren!

Mountain snow-swift the wolf;
The side of the desert he will penetrate.
Every blemish is common on the destitute of zeal.

Mountain snow-not slow the hart;
Rain falls from the sky.
Sorrow produces complete depression of spirits.

Mountain snow-noisy the roebuck;
The waves wash the margin of the strand;
Let the skilful conceal his design.

Mountain snow-the hart in the glen;
Summer will be placid; calm the lake.
The gray-bearded in frost has a strong support.

Mountain snow-variegated the breast of the goose;
Strong my arm and shoulder.
I pray that I may not be a hundred years old.

Mountain snow-bare the stalk-tops;
Bent the branches of trees; the fish are in the deep.
Where there is no learning there will be no natural I gift

Mountain snow-the fish in the ford;
Let the lean and stooping stag seek the sheltered vale.
Longing for the dead will not avail.

Mountain snow-the hart in the wood;
The discreet will not walk on foot.
The timid causes many a delay.

Mountain snow-the hart on the slope;
The wind whistles over the ash-tops.
A third foot for the aged is his stick.

Mountain snow-the hart is upon it;
The ducks are in the lake; white the water-lily.
The vicious is not disposed to listen.

Mountain snow-ruddy the feet of hens;
Shallow the water; it makes much noise.
The disgrace that is boasted of is augmented.

Mountain snow-nimble the hart;
Hardly anything in the world interests me.
Admonition to the depraved will not avail.

Mountain snow-white its fleece;
* * * *
* * * *

Mountain snow-white the roofs of houses; 
If the tongue were to relate what the bosom knows, 
None would be neighbours.

Mountain snow-let the wise move about in the day;
Let every pensive one be ill, every bush bare.
It is usual that the unwise should have all faults.