The Celtic Literature Collective

Red Book of Hergest XV

Cadwallawn, before he came,
Fought, to our ample satisfaction,
Fourteen great battles,
For fairest Prydein,
And sixty skirmishes.

Cadwallawu encamped on Ceint; 
Birds presaged the troubles of Lloegyr; 
His hand was open, and honour flowed.

Cadwallawn encamped on Yddon, 
The fierce affliction of his foes, 
A lion prosperous over the Saxons.

Cadwallawn the illustrious 
Encamped on Digoll Mount, 
For seven months and seven battles daily.

Cadwallawn encamped on the Havren
And on the further side of Dygen
And the devourers were burning Meigeit.

Cadwallawn encamped on the Wy,
The multitude, after passing the water, 
Followed to the battle of shield.

Cadwallawn encamped by the well
Of Bedwyr; before soldiers he cherished virtue
There Cynon showed how to assert the right.

Cadwallawn encamped on the Tav;
Very numerous I see
The sharers in the fame of the powerful chief.

Cadwallawn encamped on the Tawy 
He lund the hand of slaughter in the breach 
Illustrious was he, eager he sought the conflict.

Cadwallawn encamped this night 
In the extremity of the region of Penvro,
For refuge to retreat where the difficulty was great.

Cadwallawn encamped on the Teivi;
The blood mixed with the brine
The fury of Gwynedd violently raged.

Cadwallawn encamped on the river Duffynid
He made the eagles full:
After the battle gifts were conferred.

Cadwallawn encamped, my brother, 
In the upper part of the country of Dunawd 
His wrath was violent in the gushing fight.

Cadwal1awn encamped on Menin
The lion with a numnerous host, 
Great the tumult, extremely harassing to the rear.

From the plotting of strangers and iniquitous 
Monks, as the water flows from the fountain,
Sad and heavy will be the day of Cadwallawn.

The trees have put on the gay robes
Of summer; let wrath be hastened by fate;
Let us meet around Elved.