The Celtic Literature Collective

A Shout of War
Red Book of Hergest XIX

Soon will it happen that kindred by nature will be in the shout of War;
Soon will happen many a cut from the tournament;
Soon will come between Saxons a recoil
From mutual wounding, irreverent burying and ministering;
Soon will the men of Manaw come to obtain praise,
And the North they will certainly make without peace.
Soon will be in Frydein anxiety and want,
And around Lloegyr they will loudly complain;
For the falling of the son of Henri they will be amazed;
So great in the dispersion will be the trepidation I
Scattered over seas, a number of legions they will chase away.
Tumult will be on the borders, arrogance they will not respect.
And I will predict that they will energetically shout;
The innocent like the guilty, they will hew down.,
With great ambition the navy of Lloegyr they will attack;
Barbarous hosts, plunder they will seek;
With open violence they will reduce towers,
And strongholds they will make weak.
In front of the host of the tournament,
For the contention of one day a myriad will fall;
On the seas they will openly cause destruction.
As for me, I will predict that children will not multiply,
And it is not I that conceal that they will not be dispersed. 
An age of repose the Creator will cause to be, and their extinction;
The Brythyon will scatter them, chief they will be.
Tribulation will ensue from the anger of relatives,
And the Saxons will be joyful when they see it.
The omen promises to shorten it while they will be.