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The Fleet of Mona
Red Book of Hergest XX

The fleet of Mona, the seat of misfortune,
Prevents bloodshed, with the noise of oars around her.
A greater influx will be into the Conwy on account of distress,
The men of the eagle of Eryri having fallen.
Without ardour they were in the time of heat before becoming silent.
Cymry without energy against injustice.
The dragon of prediction is the son of Henri;
For a year was he desired before the assembling of hosts,
Wolf of the mighty, mighty his retainers:
The retinue of the world will for a time be a sign from the Invisible.
The country will be constant to the ruler of Normandi.
The bane of Prydein, there will be anxious concern because of his birth.
With a constancy like the revolving of a wheel.
Chief of bards of every region, as to thy ancient claims
I will address thee by signs.
How often doest thou communicate with the youthful hero,
The heroic youth, amiable in society?
Supremely high will be the voice of fame on the blue sea,
When the youths of Brython come to their privilege;
And Owein will be the ruler of the kingdom,
A ruddy main in the ruddy scene, the joy of Gwynedd,
Of brave ancestors, the progeny of Merfyn, the bulwark of sovereignty.
A crowned young hero, on the point of effecting deliverance.
Known to God is my wish.
That the Allmyn should commence their flight with a bloody fate,
And with destruction so precipitate, so violent, so terrible!
Extremely offensive is every naked truth, be it certain
That distracted men have come contending about towns.
A heap of ruddy carcases by the peaceless blade has been deserved; and certainly such is the case.
Every record, every juncture, every man, and every triumph,
Christ has conferred upon me the advantage of knowing.
The Lloegrians are unfit in the conflict of blades,
An enervated rabble to contend in battle.

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