The Celtic Literature Collective

The Viaticum of Llevoed Wynebglawr
Red Book of Hergest XXIV

The wealth of the world, let it go, it will come,
As long as it is esteemed.
Necessity equalises affliction.
There will be fair weather after rain.
It is often the case that persons fostered by the same are unlike.
The brave will play though blood may be shed.
Every coward will be trampled upon;
Every strong one will be allowed to pass.
The happy is pleased with harmonious sounds,
Which God will freely pour upon him.

The wealth of the world, let it go, it will come;
May God provide what suffices I
Loud is the noise of the wave against the land;
When called, it recedeth from it.
Listless is the man that sees not,
That is not concerned, that cares not what may be.
Where justice is not practised, it is not entertained in the country.
Mass will not be sung on a flight.
Let him be a wolf that dareth deceive.
Desirous will the scholar be that Llawddino should prosper.

The wealth of the world, let it go, it will come.
Desire calls for the return of liberty.
The height of the young will increase.
Lying praise will not be borrQwed.
The slave and the free are not of the same design.
Empty the country, where there is no religion.
There will be a return which will not be repeated.
Cold does not agree with the hoary.
The unbeliever does not think of God.
No one that does not improve is called skilful.
Let us observe and acquire religion,
Until we have reli4ionship with Christ.

The unsociable man is uncomely in the place of gathering.
Trouble in the upland, enmity in the vale.
A refusal is better than a false promise.
In one’s actions servility is supererogatory.
The sweet is seldom unpleasant.
The evil done by a fellow will survive after he has passed away.
An excuse is not usually regarded.
Good cannot be had without deserts.
The four quarters open deeply in four different ways.
It is a saying that death is better than trouble.
Bad is sin from its being far pursued.
It is good in distress to support a monastery.
God of Heaven! woe to the daring one that does not believe thee!
Son of Mary! endowed with undefiled genius, it is a good work to hope in thee;
Before the world thou art mentioned.

The wave hastens forward; let it beat the shore. 
The fuel of wrath is impulsive.
Watch-stones form the best history.
The wisdom of a host, and deception through laughter.
Let fundamental knowledge be accurate.
Let the weakling be slow; let the niggard die.
The evil affiance of Gall Cynnin.
With a wanton a secret will not long remain.
Blood will cause blood to flow,
The froward will meet with contention.
Let the weak be set at large.
The iniquitous will lose his clan.
Except God, there is no one that knows the future.
Its lord is the chief cause of prosperity to a country.

The wave hastens forward; the beach repels.
Light pain will soon be relieved;
The multitude will bustle about the mead-liquor.
Let him who ejects every one from his frontier cease to exist
Let the obstinate be cut off.
Whoso purchases heaven will not be confounded.
How curious thou art that any should mention it.
The trees have put on a beauteous robe.
A mirror is not visible in the dark.
A candle will not preserve from cold.
He is not happy who is not discreet.
The favour of the Supreme Being will not deceive.

He who cultivates not wisdom as the chief foundation,
What will put a bird to flight he will not do.
Cold is the sway of winter; bare the sea-shore.
Better is what is easythan the encountering of difficulties.
Reproach will not mend what is evil.
Many a boastful word will cause embarrassment.
To the bosom, while it goes about;
From haste it cannot be known where it will go.
The Trinity will retaliate arrogance.
Great God! how good a Being thou art!

Fleet is the steed; clear is every strand;
The desire of the high-minded one is chivalry.
No one reaps from his contrivance.
Every one is not born wise.
The mind is not bold in a ship on the strand.
There will be no peace between dry sticks and the flame.
Let a man live without evil conduct,
Courteous to song, I confer benefits on those in a state of excommunication.
No naked one will be very energetic.
There is no law unless there be supremacy.
A king will challenge spoiL
The furious, his death is certain.
Is it not customary that cowardice should harbour from death.
Let the brave escape from his conflict.
Intoxicated the dumb; every barbarian is a bravado.
A city will extinguish a wilderness.
The talkative loves easy work.
Every one is praised according to his work.
God loves not the hopeless.
Fortune is the best assistance.

In spring the land is partly bare,
If people are turbulent, their shout is deceitful
In calm reflection riches are despised.
What is not often seen is neglected.
lie that is faithless, his presumption will be contenined.
It is a complete share that is longed for.
Let the woman that is never asked appear demure.
Disgrace is apt to follow long celibacy.
He that will not completely conceal himself, will be completely taken away.
From a long restraint comes complaint.
What seémeth good to God is certain.
He that is brave, his praise will be heard abroad.
From a little comes enrichment.
Blessed is he to whom are given
The favour of God and long life.