The Celtic Literature Collective

Kernewek English
The Charter Fragment (1400) The Charter Fragment
Passhyon agan Arloedh (circa 1375)
The Passion Poem
The Ordinalia The Ordinalia (circa 1400)
Beunans Meriasek The Drama of St. Meriasek
Bewnans Ke (c. 1500?) The Drama of St. Ke
Pregothow Treger (1555-57) The Treger Homilies
Gwrians an Bys (1611) The Creation of the World
William Bodinar's Letter 1776 William Bodinar's Letter 1776
Delkiow Sevi
Drake Proanter East, the Toby Trethell
. .
Biblical Translations
Genesis 1.1-30, by John Keigwin (c.1710)
Genesis III 1-24 by William Rowe (1690)
Matthew II & IV by William Rowe(1690)
Exodus XX 2-17 (The Ten Commandments) by William Rowe (1690)
Genesis 1.1-31 by John Boson
Pader Agan Arloedh The Lord's Prayer
Mark, 1-4.25, by Henry Jenner
John, 5.1-14, by Henry Jenner