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The North Britain Triads

Henceforth follow excerpts from the same codex (i.e. the book of Sir Richard Wynn):

Three Niggardly [Miserly] Stocks:
The first is Madog son of Mabon; the second is Cantelli the Irishman; and the third is Osbwrn the Irishman.

Three who were raised to the Nobility:
the Short Bone, Tegwared son of Cynrig, and Moel of the Boasting.

[Elsewhere in the same codex:]

King Mwrchath had three Sons, and they were the three men of greatest fame in Ireland in their time, and they were the swiftest men in Ireland. These were their names: Dwnchead who was king in Munster, and Sitrig who was king in Dublin, and Moel Kelin (== Maelsechlainn) who was king in Meath.

Kynyr or Kevyr (by another name) and Meilir and Yneigr, sons of Gwron ap Cunedda, who were all three with Cadwallon Lawhir their cousin when he drove the Gwyddyl Ffichti from Mn. And then they destroyed them (the Gwyddyl Ffichti) completely, when Cadwallon Lawhir slew Seregri Wyddel (=the Irishman) in Llan y Gwyddyl at Caer Gybi (=Holyhead) in Mon.

These are the three times when the Lordship of Gwynedd went by the Distaff:

  • One of them was Stratweul daughter of Cadfan ap Cynan ab Eudaf ap Caradog ap Bran ap Llyr Llediaith; and this Stratweul was wife of Coel Godebog. She was the mother of Cenau ap Coel and the mother of Difyr. Others say that she was called Seradwen daughter of Cynan ab Eudaf ap Caradog.
  • The second was Gwawl daughter of (Coel) Godebog, mother of Cunedda Wledig and wife of Edyrn son of Padarn Peisrudd.
  • And the third was Essyll(t) daughter of Cynan Tindaethwy, mother of Rhodri Mawr and wife of Merfyn Frych.

    Three Cousins were:
    Rhirid Flaidd and Cynddelw ap Gwgan and Iarddwr ap Dinwrig; and their mothers were three daughters of Cynfyn Hirdref.

    Three daughters of Cynfyn Hirdref by Haer daughter of Gillin son of the Red Wolf:
    One of them was Sannant mother of Cynddelw ap Gw(g)on of Llyn, the second was Perwevyr wife of Dinwrig mother of Iarddw ap Dinwrig, and the thir was Generys wife of Urgenei Collwyn son of an uchelwr from Mochnant, mother of Rhirid Flaidd. And because he was a grandson to Haer daughter of Gillin son of the Red Wolf he was called Rhirid Flaidd.

    Three sons of Hedd ap Molynoc ap Greddyf.
    Neutur and Gwyllonen and Gwrgi (or Gwrgi (M)eutur from Cwll in Mn). From Neutur come the men of Llanfair Dalhaiarn. From Gwyllonen come the men of Dyffryn Elwy. From Gwrgi come the men of Nant Aled.

    The children of Meirchiawn ap Gorwst Ledlwm (== Half Bare):
    Cynfarch ap Meirchiawn ap Gorwst ap Cenau ap Coel, and he was called Meirchiawn G~l Q= the Lean) ap Gorwst Ledlwm. And because of Cynfarch ap Meirchiawn they were called the Three Hundred Swords of the sons of Cynf arch. And from Cynwyd Cynwydion there came the Three Hundred Shields of Cynwydion. And from Coel they were called the Three Hundred Spears of the sons of (Coel). Whatever quest they went upon together, they never failed.

    Five Plebeian Tribes of Wales.
    The Red Wolf of Gest in Efionydd in Gwynedd, Adda the Great in Deheubarth, Gwenwys and Alla and Heilyn Ystailforch in Powys.


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