Brigantii loc.: Rhaetia

Celtic tribe mentioned by both Strabo and Pliny the Elder as living in the Alps, specifically Rhaetia, called Cispadane Gaul in Strabo; they're capitol was Brigantion, now Bregenz, Austria; Strabo also mentions the city Cambodunum.

They may have also extended into what is now eastern France; there are two cities in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur--Brianconnet and Briançon. Briaconnet is refered to as Brigantorum (AE 1913, 00014), and Briaçon as Brigantio and "Brigantione geniti" (CIL 12, 00118). Finally, there is an inscription to Brigantia (here called Brigindo) found in Auxey, Côte d'Or, north of these towns.

What the exact relationship between the Brigantii and the Brigantes of Britain is unclear. Several classical writers note that there were Celtic tribes whose territories were found in both the continent and Britain, such as the Belgae or the Parisii; it is possible that the Brigantes were a contingent of Brigantii that moved into Britain around the same time the Belgae did so.

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