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Pagina hac domestica certior fies, candide lector, de rebus classicis quas in aranea nostra mirabili totum orbem terrarum complectente invenias. Praeterea, si vis, haec pagina te ducet non solum ad bibliothecas huius paginae in quibus conduntur textus rerum scriptorum oratorum poetarum aliorumque auctorum Latinorum sed etiam ad vincula electronica ubique terrarum sita quae nonnullas res Graecas Romanasque tibi pandent.

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Latin Texts

  • The Latin Library
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  • The Perseus Project
  • Ancient World Web
  • The Classics Collection Page
  • Internet Resources for Classics
  • The Mining Company - Ancient History
  • Ressourcen für die Klassische Philologie im Internet
  • Pomoerium: Internet Ressourcen für die Altertumswissenschaften
  • Rassegna degli strumenti informatici per lo studio dell'antichità classica
  • Resources for Classical and Medieval Studies (OCA)
  • Electronic Resources for Classicists  (Pantelia's List)
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  • Home Pages of the Classicists
  • National Committee for Latin and Greek

    Classical Journals

  • Ancient History Bulletin
  • Arachnion
  • Bryn Mawr Classical Review
  • Classics Ireland
  • Electronic Antiquity
  • Histos
  • Internet Archaeology
  • Retiarius: Commentarii Periodici Latini

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  • Bibliographia Latina Selecta
  • The Vergil Homepage
  • Roman Law
  • Roman Emperors
  • Roman Chronology: 343-265 B.C.
  • The Forum Romanum
  • Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
  • Timeline of Western Philosophy

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  • Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
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  • The News in Latin
  • The Weather in Latin
  • Index Antiquus
  • Lewis & Short On-Line
  • Look It Up! (Dictionaries On-Line)
  • On-Line Declension Exercise
  • Latin Handouts
  • On-Line Tutor for Latin Vocabulary (Level II)
  • Classics Course Database
  • Allen & Greenough's New Latin Grammar  (Perseus Project)
  • A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms
  • Textkit - Greek and Latin Learning Tools

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  • Virginia Certamen Homepage
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