The Celtic Literature Collective

Ces Ulad
The Affliction of the Ulstermen

1. Cú Chulainn and his charioteer Láeg mac Ríangabra went then on a drive for riches along the Boyne river. In his chariot he had a fidschell and a búanbach. His lap (?) was full of deadly (sling-)stones, and in his hand [he held] a spear for killing fish with a cord attached to it; adn hardly on that account did he ever grasp the reins of the chariot.

2. Fedelm Foltchaín and her husband Elcmaire came form teh other side unto the Boyne river. Elcmaire said to his wife: "An unwelcome intruder (?), Fedelm!"

3. Fedelm replied: "Stay to guard me until I see whether the man in the lower front seat toghether with his companion is able to race with another [man] after arraying the two horses along with his fidchel, his búanbach, and his catch of birds at every plain.

4. Thereupon he took specked salmon on his spearpoint out of the Boyne river. Elcmaire went unto the ford, and the latter pulled out (?) a four-sided pillar so that the chariot took great fright (?) thereat. Cú Chulainn cut off his two thumbs and his two big toes.

5. Fedelm promised [to be] for a year in his company and to exhibit herself naked to the Ulstermen at her arrival. On that day a year thereafter, she exhibited herself, and this it is that has caused the affliction [to be] upon the Ulstermen, et cetera.

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