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Gráinne speaks of Diarmait
RIA MS 1229 (alias 23 E 25) : Leabar na h-Uidhri

ut dixit Gránni ingen Cormaic fri

Fil dune
rismad bude lem diuderc.
ara tribrind l^ dia tibrind in bith ule l^ mbude l^ hule hule
a meicc Maire cid diúbert.

Translation: As Gráinne daughter of Cormac said to Finn:

THERE is one
on whom I should gladly gaze,
to whom I would give the bright world, all of it,
all of it, though it be an unequal bargain.

This poem appears in the margins of Amra Columb Chille, a long work on that particular saint, found in Lebor Na hUidre.

Leabar na h-Uidhri. ed. R.I. Best. Digital edition at CELT.

Early Irish lyrics, eighth to twelfth century. Gerard Murphy (ed), Oxford, Clarendon Press, (1956) pages 166

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