The Celtic Literature Collective

Incantations from the Stowe Missal

AROND : : : SULA :
Admuiniur epscop nibar iccas : : : : : arrae: : rónicca do suil sen dee et C:::: : gi crist c : nd : rc lais sid conasellais :::: Rosc slan do su[l]o.

Haec cum dixisset exspuit in terram 7 fecit lutum ex sputo et linuit (lutum ?) super oculos eius et dixit ei uade et laua in natatoria siloe quod inter pretatur misus abiit ergo et lauit 7 uenit uidens:~

Macc saele án tofasci delc nip hon nip anim nipatt nip galar nip crú cruach nip loch liach nip aupaith líi grene frisben att benith galar :.

Fuil fuiles (?) camull lind lindas. gaine reth rethte srothe telc tuisc lotar teora mucca inanáis (?) bethade nethar suil naro suil taber do fual inaitoneitt 7 toslane roticca ic slane:’


For a ... Eye.
I honour bishop Ibar who heals. May the blessing of God and of Christ’s heal thine eye whole of thine eye.

For a Thorn.
A splendid salve which binds a thorn: let it not be spot nor blemish, let it not be swelling nor illness, nor clotted gore, nor lamentable hole, nor enchantment. The sun’s brightness heals the swelling, it smites the disease.

For Disease of the Urine.
put thy urine in ... thy ... and thy health. May a cure of health heal thee!