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Adgúisiu fid nallabrach
Codex S. Pauli (the Reichenau Primer)
Stift St. Paul Cod. 86a/1
9th C.

Adgúisiu fid nallabrach 7 arggathbrain etir tenid 7 fraig.
Adgúisiu na tri turcu tercu . tairi siabair mochondáil [con]ith 7 mlicht neich arindchuiriur.
ma rom thoicthersa inso rop ith 7 mlicht adcear manim rothcaither ropat choin altai 7 ois 7 imthecht slebe 7 oaic féne adcear.

I wish the wood of Allabair and Argathbran (?) between fire and wall. I wish the three meagre boars ... with corn and milk... If this ... may it be corn and milk that I see. If it be not ... may it be wolves and deer and wandering on teh mountains and warriors of the Féni that I see

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