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Suibne Geilt
Codex S. Pauli (the Reichenau Primer)
Stift St. Paul Cod. 86a/1
9th C.

Suibne Geilt.
Mairiuclán hi Túaim barr edin Inbir · ni lán techdais bes ssestu
cona retglannaib aréir · cona gréin cona escu.
Gobban durigni insin · conecestar duib astoir
mu chridecan dia du nim · is hé tugatoir rodtoig.
Tech inna fera flechod · maigen na áigder rindi
soilsidir bid hi lugburt · ose cen udnucht nimbi.


Suibne the Lunatic
My little oratory in Tuaim Inbir, it is not a full house that is...
with its stars last night, with its sun, with its moon.
Gobban hath built that--that its story may be told to you--
my heartlet, God from heaaven, He is the thatcher who hath thatched it.
A house wherein wet rain pours not, a place wherein thou fearest not spearpoints,
bright as though in a garden, and it without a fence around it.

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