The Celtic Literature Collective

Verses on St. Moling
Codex S. Pauli (the Reichenau Primer)
Stift St. Paul Cod. 86a/1
9th C.

Is én immoniada sás · is nau tholl dianteslinn guas
is lestar fás is crann crín · nad déni thoil ind ríg thuas.
Is ór nglan is nem im grein · is lestar narggit cu fín
is son is alaind is noeb · cach oen dugní toil ind ríg.


He is a bird round which a trap closes, he is a leaky ship to which peril is dangerous,
he is an empty vessel, he is a withered tree, whoso doth not the will of the King above.
He is pure gold, he is the sky round the sun, he is a vessel of silver with wine,
he is happy, is beautiful, is holy, whoso doth the will of the King.

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