Technical Notes

Browser Compatibility: These pages can be viewed with Safari, OmniWeb, Opera, Netscape, iCab, Chimera Navigator, Mozilla, or Explorer. The html code is exceedingly simple, with virtually no graphics or tables. I have tried to format the pages to read correctly in Explorer, but for some reason unknown to me Microsoft chose not to incorporate an early, widely used and Netscape-compatible line numbering code for verse. This results in line numbering on the poetry pages showing as a line break rather than set off to the left of the appropriate verse. Interestingly enough, this quirk only appears on the Macintosh version of Explorer; the Windows version (with which I have test-viewed some of the pages) appears to handle the left-sided line numbering without difficulty. I am deleting the line-numbering tags and replacing them with off-set numbers to the right of the lines, but this will take some time to complete.

Roman Numerals: There is no HTML tag for the placement of a line above Roman numerals to express thousands. This is sometimes replaced in these texts by the | symbol, but the user is advised to apply some common sense where required in reading their numbers. Someday I'll have time to standardize them all.

Greek Text: In submissions by contributors Greek text often appears as images that need to be separately loaded. In some of the scanned texts, I have provided a rough transliteration of the Greek. In many of the texts, however, the Greek appears as transliterated ASCII, i.e., as gibberish. I haven't yet had time to track all these down and transliterate them. In a few texts I have attempted (with varying success) to use HTML font face tags which may be read in any of the following fonts: Kadmos, Attika, Athenian, Sparta. The most common is the Athenian font and it is available as a free download at the Perseus site. This same page contains information on purchasing the GreekKeys keyboard utility from the American Philological Association. Contributors to the Library are encouraged to utilize this keyboard for Greek text.

Site Creation: This site originally was created using a Power Macintosh 7600/132, Page Spinner 2.01, and Dartmouth's Fetch. Currently it is being maintained on a G4 Titanium, with Page Spinner 4.1 for html creation and Interarchy as the ftp client.

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