The Battle of the Trees
The Book of Aneurin
The Black Book of Carmarthen
The Book of Taliesin
Branwen Daughter of Llyr
Culhwch and Olwen
The Death of Drudwas
The Death of Maelgwn Gwynedd,
The Dream of Maxen
The Dream of Rhonabwy
The Drowning of the Bottom Hundred
Gereint and Enid
The History of Taliesin
The History of Peredur
King March's Ears
King Urien and Modron
Lludd and Lleuelys
Manawyddan son of Llyr
Math son of Mathonwy
Myrddin Wyllt
Nynniaw and Peibaw
Owain, or, the Lady of the Fountain
Pwyll Lord of Dyfed
The Quarrel of Arthur and Huail, and the Death of Huail ap Caw
The Quarrel of Rhun ap Maelgwn and Elidir Mwynfawr
The Red Book of Hergest (including Guest's Mabinogion, the Triads, and poetry)
The Shepherd of Myddfai
St. Collen and Gwyn ap Nudd
Trystan and Esyllt

Miscellaneous Poetry:

Arthur and the Eagle
The Auguries of the Year The Death of Cynddylan
The Descent of the Men of the North The Juvencus Englynion
Melwas and Gwenhyvar Version One
Melwas and Gwenhyfer Version Two
The North Britain Triads The Ode of the Months
The Peniarth 54 Triads The Questions of Catwg the Wise
The Red Book of Hergest Triads The Stanza on Mabon ap Modron's Grave
The Stanza on Merlin's Grave
The Stanzas of Wise Sayings
The Twenty-Four Knights of King Arthur's Court

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