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Adapa and the Food of Life
The Adventures of Art son of Conn
The Adventure of the Churlish Clown in the Grey-Drab Coat
The Adventures of Connla
The Adventures of Nera, or, the Cattle-Raid of Angen
The Adventures of the Sons of Eochaid Mugmedon
Alcibiades 1
Arthur and the Eagle
Ath Cliath Cualann: Dublin
The Auguries of the Year

The Battle of Cen Abrad
The Battle of Magh Mucrama
The Battle of the Trees
The Beheading of John the Baptist by Mogh Ruith
Bend Boirche
Bile Tortan
Bhagavad Gita
The Birth of Aedh Slaine
The Birth of Conchobhar
The Birth of Cormac, Version 2
The Birth of Cú Chulainn
The Black Book of Carmarthen
Boand: the Boyne River
The Book of Aneurin
The Book of Enoch
The Book of Invasions: Irish Texts Society
The Book of Taliesin
The Book of Invasions: The Book of Leinster Version
The Boyhood Deeds of CuChulainn (Hull,Eleanor,Standish Hayes O' Grady trans.,The Cuchullin Saga,(London 1898),pp.135-154.)
The Boyhood Deeds of Cú Chulainn (Tom Cross and Harris Slover. NY: Barnes and Noble, 1996. reprint.)
The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn
The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn
Branwen Daughter of Llyr
Brugh na Bóinne: Newgrange

Carn Mail
The Cattle-Raid of Fraech
The Cattle-Raid of Regamna
The Cattle-Raid of Regamon
The Cause of the Battle of Cnucha
The Code of Hammurabi
Cnogba: Knowth
The Colloquy of the Two Sages
Corpus Hermetica
Crith Gabhlach: An Early Legal Poem
Culhwch and Olwen

The Death of Celtchar
The Death of Conchobar
The Death of Cormac mac Airt
The Death of Cuchulain
The Death of Crimthann
The Death of Cynddylan
The Death of Dermot
The Death of Drudwas
The Death of Fionn
The Death of Maelgwn Gwynedd,
The Death of Muircertach mac Erca
The Death of Niall of the Nine Hostages
The Debility of the Ulstermen
The Descent of Ishtar Into the Lower World
The Descent of the Men of the North
The Destruction of Dind Rig
The Disappearance of Caenchomrac
The Dream of Maxen
The Dream of Oengus
The Dream of Rhonabwy
The Driving of Flidais' Cattle
The Drowning of the Bottom Hundred
Dubad: Dowth

Egyptian Book of the Dead(The Book of Coming Forth)
Emerald Tablet
The Enchanted Cave of Keshcorran
The Enumeration of Finn's People
Eo Rossa, Eo Mugna
Epic of Gilgamesh
The Executioner of John the Baptist

The Fairy-Palace of the Rowan Trees
The Fate of the Children of Lir
The Fate of the Children of Turenn
Finn and the Man in the Tree
The Five Munsters
The Fosterage of the House of Two Milk-pails
The Frenzy of Conn

Gereint and Enid
Grianan an Aileach

The Heroic Birth of Cormac, Version 1
The Hiding of the Hill of Howth
How Finn Found Knowledge
How Ronan Slew His Son
The Hills of Tlachtga
The History of Taliesin
The History of Peredur

The Instructions of King Cormac

The Juvencus Englynion

King March's Ears
King Urien and Modron

Laeghaire mac Crimthann’s visit to the fairy realm
Lebor Gabala Errin(Book of Invasions)
Lesser Hippias
The Life of St. Kieran
The Little Brawl at the Hill of Almhain
Lludd and Lleuelys

Magh Sleacht: The Plain of Adoration, or, Cromh Cruach
Melwas and Gwenhyvar Version One
Melwas and Gwenhyfer Version Two
Manawyddan son of Llyr
Math son of Mathonwy
Mide Myrddin Wyllt

The North Britain Triads
Nynniaw and Peibaw

The Ode of the Months
The Ogham Tract from the Leabhar Baile an Mhota The Tract on the Kingship of Ireland
Cormac's Glossary
The Fitness of Names
On the Loss of a Pet GooseThe Heavy Hosting of Guaire
Owain, or, the Lady of the Fountain

The Panegyric of Cormac mac Airt and the Death of Finn
The Peniarth 54 Triads The Phantom Chariot of Cú Chulainn
The Phantom's Frenzy, or, the Vision of Conn the Hundred-Fighter
Pwyll Lord of Dyfed

The Quarrel of Arthur and Huail, and the Death of Huail ap Caw
The Quarrel of Rhun ap Maelgwn and Elidir Mwynfawr
The Questions of Catwg the Wise

The Raid for Dartaid's Cattle
Rath Crinna
Rath Mor of Mag Line The Red Book of Hergest (including Guest's Mabinogion, the Triads, and poetry)
The Red Book of Hergest Triads Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
The Rule of Cormac mac Culennan

The Second Battle of Magh Turedh
Sephir Yetzirah
The Settling of the Manor of Tara
The Seven Evils
The Shadow-House of Lugh (poem)
Sinend: the Shannon River
The Shepherd of Myddfai
St. Collen and Gwyn ap Nudd
The Stanza on Mabon ap Modron's Grave
The Stanza on Merlin's Grave

The Stanzas of Wise Sayings
The Story of Aedh Baclamh

Tailtiu: The Fair of Teltown
The Tale of Liban the Mermaid and the Death of Eochaid
The Tale of the Ordeals: Cormac's Adventures in the Land of Promise
Tales of Mongan
Temhair: Tara Hill
The Testament of Morann
The Three Drinking-horns of Cormac ua Cuinn
The Tidings of Conchobar son of Ness
The Tidings of Moshaulum
Tonn Clinda
The Tragic Death of Connla, or, the Death of Aoife's Only Son
The Tragic Death of Cu Roi mac Dairi
The Tragic Death of Fergus mac Leide
Treatise on the Emerald Tablet
Trystan and Esyllt
The Twenty-Four Knights of King Arthur's
Two Poems of Columbcille


The Voyage of Bran mac Febral;

The Wooing of Becfola
The Wooing of Emer
The Wooing of Etain

The Yew Tree of the Disputing Sons
and the Decision as to Cuchulain's Sword

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